Global Blockchain
Network Operator

ChainToB has an ambitious business innovator to be global Blockchain service operator with our own service platform(CB Platform) based on various Blockchain core technology. We would provide a very practical Blockchain service platform that can apply real world services immediately. Our mission is to provide the most powerful , easiest, fast and trusted blockchain service platform in global.

About ChainToB

ChainToB, Ltd is established with strategic alliance of TheLoop ( We believe Blockchain technology would be adapted in all the industry – finance( authentication, trading, insurance, etc), real estate, online services, government(voting, regulation, etc) and so on. It would change all the legacy technology and architecture. But, it’s early stage now. There are a lot of room to grow in Blockchain era. So, ChainToB would like to be a link between Blockchain core technology and business services. That’s why we name ChainToB ( Blockchain to Business ). we are working on a business services platform based on various Blockchain core technology.









company founded

ETRI Edge computing with blockchain

Strategic alliance & partnership with theloop as an investor

Blockchain for electronic signature system

BISTEP research project – EMR(Electronic Medical Records) based on blockchain

Medical blockchain research project with PNURP

Research Center at PNURP for EMR based on blockchain(planned)


CB Platform is based on bPaaS(Blockchain Platform-as-a-Services). CB Platform bPaaS is based on loopchain technology with strategic alliance of ‘theloop’. CB Platform have two layer. One is bPaaS. The other is a set of service components. Those are adatively applied for each services/solution.


  • Hawon Chung
    Elastic, Senior Sales Director
    Splunk, Major Accoutn Manager
    Oracle, Sales
    Sun Microsystems : APAC Programs manager,PM,Team Lead
    Bixelmedia CTO
    AromoSoft co-founder
  • Changsub Keum
    ETRI , Head of Trust Communication Platform R&D Center
    Ministry of Science and ICT, committee for blockchain
    SoftwareEngineer, society director
    Computer Science(PhD), KAIST
    CSE(M.A), Carnegie Mellon University
  • Jonghyup Kim
    Technical Advisor
    CEO at theloop
    Founder at BTWorks
    Researcher at Cryptography Research Institute, Jang Media Interactive
    CISA(Certified Information Systems Auditor)
  • Jaeyhyun Park
    Strategic Advisor
    EVP, SKTelecom
    VP, Mobile BU, Samsung Electronics
    CEO/CTO, Thinkfreee
    CEO/Founder, Wisefree
    CEO/Founder, AgenTec
    researcher, Hyndai ITO
    researcher, Hyunda Electronics
  • Byongwoo Hwang
    Intellicode, CEO
    Netsafe technology, SW engineer
    Mbridge, SW engineer ( World first mobile SSL library )
    SecureSoft ,SW engineer ( Korea first certified Firewall , K4E )
  • Hyunjin Choi
    R&D Head
    Samsung Electronics, team leader of advanced platform( Machine Learning, Security ) , Software Center
    NASA researcher (Mars project )
    Samsung SDS, Researcher
    Computer Science(PhD), Cambridge, UK
    Master of CSE, POSTECH
  • Min Jang
    Coopmarketing, EVP, Data scientist & AI Experts
    Hancom Interfree, CEO
    Hancom Group, VP, Business Planning & Collaboration
    Duzon Group, VP/CTO
    LGE, Princple Researcher
    Seoul National University,Researcher,Data Mning Lab.(
    Ph.D/MS/BS of CES POSTECH (Major : Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence / Data Mining)
  • Jay Choi
    Chief Planner
    DomoSafety, Head of Products/PMO/QA(Lausanne, Switzerland)
    Oracle, Presales consultant
    Sun Microsystems , System Engineer
    CSE, Hanyang Univ.
  • Myunghan Hyun
    Chief Architect
    Pin2B, S/W Team manager
    M2Cloud, S/W engineer
    Intellicode, S/W engineer
    B1Plus, S/W engineer
    Douzon Bizon, S/W engineer
    Kookmin Univ.